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Connetion error "Network error during site creation"

Hello All

When i try to connect the gateway via Workspace I take the following error

Connetion error "Network error during site creation"

Also when i try to connect MOB Portal via Safari (IPAD or Iphone) ı take the following error

"Safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost"

But I can connect via Internet Explorer or firefox or something via laptop. Everything is ok

And I can connect via Android OS

How can I debug the issue and how can i solve it?

By the way I looked the sk104577 but this is not solved my problem...

How to resolve:

  • Check for typo in site address
  • Check Internet connectivity using Safari to any web site - fix if needed.
  • Check connectivity using Safari to wanted site - fix if needed.



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If it's not working from Safari, it won't work for Capsule Workspace either since both are using the same infrastructure.

If it were me having this problem, I would look for potential clues in:

  • A packet trace (tcpdump, fw monitor, or similar) of the connection
  • Drops or other messages in the gateway logs
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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Kivanc,

This error can be cause due to various reasons. If you would like, you can post here the following details so we can better understand the issue:

1. What is the netwrok topology you use?

2. What error do you get on the Mobile Access Blade?

3. Did you ever managed to create this site?

4. Are you using QR Code\Registration link\AD to authenticate?


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