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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Check Point Capsule App Wrapping - Great solution for in-house apps or in-house customization of public apps

"Some of the required apps are public apps, such as SAP BI, but many are in-house apps or in-house customizations of public apps. If you want to use these apps, you have security problems, because these apps often do not follow proper security measures. They can cause data leakage on compromised BYOD or from poor usage from users...

In addition, these apps often need VPN access to the organizational resources, and this access is not part of the original application. Working with general VPN clients without per-app-VPN can expose the organization to unauthorized access. Even when there is a proper per-app-VPN client, the experience is not ideal...

Check Point App Wrapping leverages Capsule Workspace and extends it to offer 3rd party applications in a security container consisting of several layers." (Check Point Capsule App Wrapping, 2016)

Check Point App Wrapping

Check Point Capsule App Wrapping is a great solution for in-house apps or in-house customization of public apps. It expands Capsule Workspace beyond Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Saved Files, and Web Apps, to also include various Line-of-Business applications. This is how wrapping is being done:

Check Point App Wrapping

For more details, please visit: Check Point Capsule App Wrapping website

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