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Capsule Workspace - S/MIME, Mobile Mail App - Mail From

Good Evening,

i have kind of a quesiton about Capsule Workspace.

The last days I played a bit around with Capsule Workspace, which raised some questions, i was not able to solve yet. Maybe here someone can give me a hint or so.

In the settings for the application Mobile Mail, there is a setting for enabling SMIME.

But Workspace can find no certificate, therefore i was not able to enable it. Then i installed my smime cert on my phone (from 3rd party CA). The Certificate was still not visible for workspace app.

Is S/MIME limited to Active Sync Profiles? Was someone able to import a certificate into workspace?

Is it somehow possible to automate such thing? Or adding the certificate i.e. via the fileshare feature from an internal file server?

The only thing i found, was, that I could install certificates issued by Managements ICA, which will be usable for authenticating against the MobileAccess Blade - correct?  

Next one:

My Active Directory is another than the one, the Mobile Mail Application did access. So, in the User Attribute "mail" was set to another mail address. 

Then, i was able to open Mobile Mail Application and receive mails. But sending mails ended up with a uncaught exception, which was because of the "mail" entry.

Shouldn´t the Mobile Mail Application be able to fetch the correct sender mail address from the exchange server?

And the app does sometimes have issues in opening Microsoft Office files (mostly xlsx or docx) , is there a known problem?

Anyway, found the fix for this... (setting mail to the mail address at the Mail Applications Domain) Smiley Happy



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