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Web Smart Console and SSO

I haven't found this in the documentation.

Would it be possible to have SSO with the Web Smart console, for instance passing credentials in the web page so users bypass the login portal?

The use case is to give web read-only access to the SMS to a pool of users in a very large organization via reverse proxy, without opening the IP of the Smart Console to large swaths of the network and also not giving the opportunity to provide any other credentials than the ones that would be embedded in the reverse proxy.

Actually, if it would be feasible, this could lead the customer to invest even more into Check Point products than they do now, so for my particular case there is more interest than a nice-to-have.

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SAML Authentication (used for most SSO implementations) for SmartConsole is planned for R81.20.
I presume this will also translate to the Web SmartConsole as well. 

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