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VPN in MDS r80.10

I have to configure VPN between gateways that are in different domains say Domain1 and Domain2. Now, in Multi-domain server of Domain1 I have created gateway object namely Cluster1 (2 gateways are in cluster) and similarly for Muli-domain Server of Domain2 I have created gateway object Cluster2. I want to establish VPN tunnel between these two clusters (Cluster1 and Cluster2).

In order to so, I have to create cluster2 object in Domain1's multi-domain server (or Cluster1 object in Domain2's multi-Domain server), and if I do so then what is the use of managing two different domains? Please suggest the solution.


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Employee Alumnus

Hi, Global VPN Communities is not supported with R80.10. What I can offer is an EA program of this feature as part of the next main-train Security Management release. Global VPN Communities has been extensively tested in that version and is available for customers through the EA program. For more information, please contact

Edit: R80.20.M1 is now in General Availability. Global VPN Communities is included. Upgrading from R7x to this release maintains the Global VPN Communities.


Hi , you could take some info from this article : HowTo Set Up Certificate Based VPNs with Check Point Appliances - R77 edition

To configure a certificate based VPN tunnel with their VPN gateway you just need to exchange certificates (so you do not have to use any preshared)