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Upgrade Smart-1 210 from 80.20 to 80.40 and Deploy Dedicated Log Server

Hello All


Current Set up :

We have a Smart-1 210 and 2 Gateways currently running 80.20. There is no dedicated log server.


1) Upgrade Gateway and SMS to 80.40

2) Deploy another VM running SMS (80.40) and make HA with Appliance Smart-1 210

3) Deploy another VM (80.40) and move the logging to new VM 



1) Build VM for SMS and upgrade to 80.40 with latest Jumbo HF

2) Upgrade Smart-1 210 to 80.40 with latest Jumbo HF

3) Form SMS HA between the above two

4) Build VM for log server 80.40 and point all the Gateway to send logs to new VM and also around this time move logs (old) from existing Smart-1 210 to new VM  <<<<<<<<<<<<<

5) Finally upgrade Gateway



1) Could I please request someone to review and advise if this plan is good enough or any thoughts or modification needed? 

2) Finally the "point 4 " in the plan is something I cannot find information about, how to go about taking the logs out from existing Smart-1 210 and moving them to VM and then making sure indexing is done, is there anything else I need to do as well after logs are moved? 


Any guidance on the above is much appreciated.

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Don't see an issue with what you proposed.
Moving the logs to the new VM is just a simple matter of:

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