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Unable to access SMS using smart console installed on VPN

Hi Team,


We are trying to access SMS with R81.20 OS version located at azure VM. We have Smart Console installed in our system which connected via S2S VPN with client gateway.

We are able to ssh, ping and https to management but unable to login via Smart Console. We have tunnel up and running, rules are in place and profile also created. Verified if IPs are in place in trusted GI client, it is also in place.

In the logs we can see, for port 19009 traffic is hitting on implied rules.

As per one another KB article, I have unchecked the option "Accept control connection" it resolved our issue but other tunnel went down 😞 

can you please suggest how to deal with it ? 

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Yes, this is what you need to do to fix it.


Its Norbert's answer from July of 2017, just follow that process and no matter what, MAKE SURE to backup the file before making any changes 🙂

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