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To hide policy package



Currently we have one Management Server and 8 cluster added and 3(Satya, Vijay, Suresh) User are defined on Smart Console 

now we want to hide one policy package for Vijay and Satya so that they can not see policy package

can we do in R81,10 ?



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Each Policy Package is made of Layer. 

Per layer you can set Permission Profiles:

Layer Permissions.png

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Yes, in Check Point R81.10, you can hide a policy package from specific users in SmartConsole. Here's how you can do it:

Open SmartConsole and log in with an account that has administrator privileges.                                                         My MileStone Card

Navigate to the Policy menu and select Policy Packages. 

In the Policy Packages view, select the policy package you want to hide from Vijay and Satya.

Right-click on the selected policy package and choose Edit.

In the Edit Policy Package window, go to the Access Control tab.

Under the Permissions section, you will see a list of users and their permissions for the policy package.

Find Vijay and Satya in the list and uncheck the Read and Write permissions for them.

Click OK to save the changes.

By removing the Read and Write permissions for Vijay and Satya on the policy package, they will not be able to see or modify it in SmartConsole. However, please note that they might still see the policy package's name or references in other areas of SmartConsole, but they won't be able to access its details or make changes to it.

Make sure to verify the changes by logging in with Vijay or Satya's accounts and checking if they can no longer view or modify the hidden policy package.

It's important to note that these instructions are specific to Check Point R81.10. If you are using a different version, the steps or options may vary slightly.

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