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SmartEvent/Threat Prevention blade email alerts contains a lot of ***Confidental*** fields

Hi All!

In the Threat Prevention Policy we use the tracking option not just log, but the mail option, because we want to get an email, if any incident occured. This email massages are coming the right way, this works well. But in the email body, there are a lot of *** Confidental *** field.

We want to remove these fields, so we would like to view the normal message, with all the normal information not the hidden one. We tried to solve this problem with sk68020 but no success.

So how can we eliminate these Confidental fields from the Threat Prevention alert emails?


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sk68020: In E-mail alerts sent by SmartEvent, the user name field contains '*** Confidential ***' in... has the correct fix - if the issue is not resolved although you did disable the obfuscation, contact TAC !

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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