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SmartConsole - clear object search index/cache

Hello CheckMates,

does anyone know how to clear the SmartConsole object search index/cache in R80+ (R80.40 to be specific)?

Background of the question:

  • SmartConsole Object Explorer has two search options since R80.40 (backported to R80.30 and R80.20 in JHF)
    • Index-based search: just enter a string and you get a very quick result. This does not find "erver" in "server" but does find "server" in "Web Server".
    • Full search without using the index (sk164873). Prefix your search term with a * symbol. This will find "*ever" in "server" but also "*server" in "server". This is slow, but it find everything (like in R77).
  • I have network objects which got its ip addresses changed (a long time ago). The first search finds them when searching for the old and the new ip addresses. The second one only finds then when searching for the new ones.

Back in the old days of R77, I would have purged the CPMI-Cache (on client and server side) to clean up such kind of problems, but what to do in R80+?

Thank you for ideas!

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