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Smart Console Logging

Hi all,

does anyone of you know a way to jump directly to the end of the check point log?

if you have "Today" as the time period, scrolling can/is a bit tedious.

In the R70 version there was a button with which you could jump directly to the end or to the beginning. I missed



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Legend Legend

Pressing Strg - Arrow Down will jump to the bottom of the loaded list - it will start loading more events when showing the last lines...

CCSE / CCTE / CCME / CCSM Elite / SMB Specialist

SmartView (the Log view in SmartConsole) works differently from the legacy SmartView Tracker, which only allows you to work with a single log file at a time.
You can still pull up SmartView Tracker if you prefer it, but know that this client is no longer supported and won't be fixed/enhanced.

SmartView shows all logs that have been indexed, which will span multiple log files possibly over multiple days/weeks/months, depending on your log storage and retention requirements.
If you want to see the most recent logs (the "bottom of the logs" in the legacy SmartView Tracker app), simply refresh the current view.
There is no "jump to the oldest logs" option short of searching for the logs (by date) or by opening the oldest log file in SmartView.
Each 24 hour period will have it's own unique log file(s). 

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