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Show VPN tunnels status directly in SmartConsole R81?

Is R81/R81.10 able to list VPN site-to-site tunnels directly in SmartConsole (i.e. without legacy SmartView Monitor) ?

  • via SmartEvent Views?
    • has anyone created a view / report for listing VPN tunnels status?
  • via API calls / mgmt_cli
    • could also be run as a Gaia script that would be triggered from SmartConsole via a run-script command
  • via SmartConsole Extension utilizing the run-script command?
    • would be on me to create such tool, I guess.
  • native?
    • maybe I just didn't see it yet

Especially with Web SmartConsole then demand for a direct listing on VPN tunnels becomes more valid as legacy SmartView Monitor isn't available via web.

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I did ask RnD to include vpn tu features in Gaia API but was told to use run-script commands.

I was just thinking it would be must smarter to call json file to check state of a vpn tunnel and get a result in json too.

Vpn reset etc

would be better to have Check Point to support it than having a 3rd party to maintain script etc

just my though and idea


Best Regards
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Thanks for your feedback.

I was hoping that a SmartEvent View could help as a workaround to show a VPN tunnels list with tunnel status.

'run_script' has some limitations, for example it doesn't work (well) with Smart-1 Cloud.

I'll see if I can cook something smart&simple together that will work as a SmartConsole Extension. I can't believe Check Point still doesn't natively show VPN tunnels in their R8x SmartConsole.

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After reviewing the available options I think I'll start with vpn tu tlist and web-format that output nicely for presenting it within a SmartConsole Extension.