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SMS to MDS DB migration

Hello Team,

We have two Smart-1 525 appliances (Gaia R80.30) at same central location.

Logging role and managing security role are separated between those Smart-1 appliances.

Between these appliances is established SIC channel, second log only server forwards logs to first mgmt only server.

Log source for SIEM system is configured with first Smart-1 appliance IP.

First smart-1 appliance receives logs from second Smart-1 (logging only) appliance.

  • First Smart-1 525 appliance is configured with Network Policy Management & logging & status active blade. This appliance manages all security GW's objects which are spread accross all locations (gw security policies-different for every location gw, per gw objects, ...).
  • Second Smart 1-5150 appliance is only log server with smart event, logging & status active blades. This appliance takes logs from all security GW appliances which are spread accross different geo locations.

Our first smart-1 appliance (SMS) has one database with all settings in it (all gw's, all policies, everything put together...). 

Our goal is to export parts of DB specific for some gw's to be able to create specific domain mgmt servers and specific domains in new MDS.  Is it possible to export only  parts of existing unique database from SMS? How to deal with separation on existing SMS?


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Thank You Mr. Albrecht it is interesting to see in practice policy and layers operations focused scripts to create specific domain servers policies.

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