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SMS JHF Upgrade

Hi all,

We have one primary and two secondary SMS servers. The primary server is active, while the secondary servers act as backups. We are planning to upgrade to Jambo Hot Fix (JHF). What should be the upgrade order? Should we upgrade the primary server first and then the secondary servers, or vice versa? Additionally, will upgrading the JHF interrupt the synchronization between the primary and secondary SMS servers? Please provide a list of considerations for upgrading the SMS servers.


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You should plan to upgrade all of them, the order doesn't really matter but generally we do the primary first. They won't synchronise while on different JHF takes. Make sure you take a snapshot before patching them.


I suggest the following for maximum availability and minimum issues:

a. Put primary on standby and make one of the backups as active while trying to minimize amount of changes in active member while doing the procedure.

b. Install on primary first.

c. Change the active member back to the primary

d. install on backups

As Emma said, there won't be sync while in different JHF versions, this is why we need to minimize changes, and when re-syncing use the SMS with the more updated DB if any changes.


Also, I don't know if you have such configurations or other dedicated servers but I suggest to distribute the logging between the servers.

Kind regards, Amir Senn


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