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Report generating - Top 5 Cyber attacks

Hello Mates,


I would need to present to my upper management Top 5 (or more, does not really matter) Cyber attacks on our Organization protected by Checkpoint (in the time frame for a whole 2020). We are running on R80.30. I've already generated the Treat Prevention report for that time, but I am curios, is there another more precise report which can give me more details into that ?


Any suggestions are more than welcome !



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The Threat Prevention report will give you an overview of individual malicious activities.
However, a given campaign will leverage many not obviously related malicious activities.
The default reports won’t necessarily show that.

@Oren_Koren has published a few campaign specific reports:

You may also want to have a look at Infinity SOC.
Ask your local office for a demo.

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