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Problems with the migrate process from R77.30 to R81.*

good morning

I am doing a lab to migrate from r77.30 to r80.* until I reach R81.*, and make all the necessary modifications to go into production in new Appliances, I am having several problems that I share with you in search of your experience and valuable knowledge.

I explain the laboratory environments:
1- VMWare version 6.5, all the configuration is executed without problems, when I try to restore the CheckPoint configuration with the migrate import and upgrade_export tools, in both cases it gives me an error, before restoring, check the md5 of the backups and there is no problem

2.-As a second way, use a smart-1 25 like the production one, I take a backup, verify md5, then restore it, in this case it only restores the GAiA configurations, users, Network, routes among others, but does not restore absolutely anything of the configuration of CheckPoint.

Many years ago, there was a document that through certain steps and restoring specific files could recover all the information on the console

What do you recommend me to do?

Thanks for your help

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Please provide more details about the precise migration steps you were following and the precise steps you took at each point.
Keep in mind when migrating from R77.30, you will need to take the migrate export using the migration tools for the target version, which I assume in this case would be R80.40.
Also please provide the exact error messages you received along the way.

What precise method did you use to take the backup from Smart-1 25?
Refer to here for the various backup/restore methods: 


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