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Management server log disk issue

Hi Checkpoint Team,


I'm facing an issue on management server. I have management server on VM. I have 5 location and all are in cluster. One is for data center. 2nd one is Head office and 3 more location. My daily Logs data size is 20 to 25 GB. few days back My total disk space for log is 774 GB and after I getting error on logs I added 300GB more on management server disk. so now its 1074 GB. But today I getting this error again and I didn't get logs on logs & Monitor setting. And now free disk space left on my management server is 77GB. How do i resolve this problem. I don't have separate log server. My management is my log server. and I have configured retention policy for 30 days.

Can anyone give some good suggestions for this?

Please find the attachment below.

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Sounds like log indexes are consuming a lot of space. is a little old but mentions indexes taking up more space than the log files themselves in certain scenarios.

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You can refer to below post (check any dir and file size)

Alternatively, you can check something like this:

Say to verify if there are any files bigger than 100 Mbs in /var/log dir, run this command:

find /var/log -size +100000000c

To say check files more than 400 Mbs, just replace 1 with 4

Also, check out below, its super helpful

Hope its helpful to you @Himsha 



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Sorry, forgot 1 more zero in my first for files bigger than 100 Mbs, you need to enter 8 zeros

find /var/log -size +100000000c

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