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MDS : VSX Cluster on Domain A , VS on Domain B : no log


we have a VSX-CLUSTER with 28 VS on MDS-Domain  A

Now I had to create a new VS on VSX-CLUSTER but managed by MDS-Domain B

This has been done correctly.
The VS on Domain B is working fine,policy and so on except for log.
It logs locally but it doesn't send lot to MDS-Domain B

I can see log from VS0 on MDS-Domain A to the ip of MDS-Domain B

VS0 Mgmt and Domain B mgmt are in the same lan without any fw in between.
I can see traffic on port 257 pass correctly and coming back...but no log at all

Any  advice? ( a case was already opened ...but i'm tired of opening case for normal operations that don't work as expected 😐 )

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Which versions?

Has either MDS changed its IP address in recent times?

Have you installed database on each appliance/domain?

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80.40 Take 139
no change

bypass all the simple check / solutions 🙂 
i've installed the DB, policy,checked masters file and so on.

I've also created a brand new domain and a new vs but i've the same issue.
The VS logs locally
VS0 send traffic on port 257 to DMS ip
no log,traffic or audit.

All the other 28 VS are working fine send logs to the DMS where VS0 is.
only these 2 VS created under TWO new domains have the issue

As workaround i'm sending log using syslog but is not an acceptable solution

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If you've done all the standard stuff from the various logging SKs including changing log servers installing policy and switching back again installing policy.

Then it's likely talking to TAC will be the path forward, note there is a logging fix in an ongoing take for R80.40 JHF which they will also be able to help you determine the relevance of or otherwise.

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