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License and blade status is invalid

Hey guys,

Got a 15000 firewall, its basically complaining about not being able to get to the Internet, however one blade - URL filtering is showing as working correctly and up to date. I have gone through sk114615 and sk83520 and all tests pass (status code 200 etc).

The licenses are actually valid until 2021. Doing a tcpdump I can see the requests to go out and response come back so not sure what else the issue could be? Its been this way for 3-4 months now.

Anti-bot and Anti-virus
Error: Update failed. Contract entitlement check failed. Could not reach "". Check proxy configuration on the gateway.

URL filtering
Up to date version 19020101

Threat Emulation
Error: Communication error: could not connect to cloud.

License status:
Errors with 3 blades
IPS, AntiVirus, AntiBot - Cannot fetch license due to a network error. Refer to sk114615 with error Id: 14

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Have you removed the lapsed licenses and have you downloaded the xml for contracts and applied it via SmartUpdate?

If you have done so, have you closed and re-opened the SmartUpdate?

If you are looking at the licenses in the Gaia Web UI, I've seen the status in there not reflecting newly applied licenses until the browser session is terminated and re-started following removal of the old or trial licenses.

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Well the licenses arent new and havent been renewed recently, they were first purchased in 2016, been working with no issues for the most part until recently. The firewall was suffering from high CPU, which is now resolved and since then the licenses have never come green again. 

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Please check all licenses show ‚Yes’ in SmartUpdate licenses & contracts tab in column ‚Has valid contract’. If so, I suggest open a ticket with TAC. In the meantime you can try detaching all licenses and contracts and fetch them freshly from UserCenter.


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