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Export/Import User Accounts

Does anybody know of a way to export Check Point users (VPN user accounts) including the passwords?

I want an R80.x equivalent of the old "fwm dbexport" command...

I have a standalone system currently, and I'm building a new distributed system to replace it, so I can't just use "migrate export" otherwise when I import to the new Management server it'll think it's still also a gateway.

I have 400 user accounts I want to export / import without having to manually set new passwords on all of them.  There must be a way to take the passwords across too???


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The migration tools are the canonical way to do it.
And, in fact, the procedure for doing a standalone to distributed migration in R80.40 should sidestep the issue you raise:

Also, we have formal support for VPN users in the API now (as of R80.40 JHF)…have to think passwords are part of that.

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