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Event types in checkpoint logs

Good Day Everyone!

We have some logs, but not sure that we understand them correctly.

CEF:0|Check Point|VPN-1 & FireWall-1|Check Point|Encrypt|echo-request|Unknown|act=Encrypt cn2Label=ICMP Type cn2=8 cn3Label=ICMP Code cn3=0 cs2Label=Peer Gateway cs2= deviceDirection=0 duser=User1 rt=171436202000 cs2Label=Rule Name cs2=Implied Rule cs2=Implied Rule cs2=VPN Client Analysis cs2=Implied Rule layer_name=GlobalTrafficDrop...

CEF:0|Check Point|VPN-1 & FireWall-1|Check Point|Detect|Address spoofing|Unknown|act=Detect deviceDirection=0 msg=Address spoofing rt=171436202000 spt=50740 dpt=53 ifname=eth1-01.7 loguid={0x663270c7,0x3f,0xf76511ac,0x1b933721} origin= originsicname=CN\\=user ,O\\ sequencenum=679 version=5 dst= product=VPN-1 & FireWall-1 proto=17 src=

My question is what means |Encrypt| and |Detect| values in the log samples? Is it event type?

As I correctly understand the value Enrypt it's a type of event that relates to S2S VPN. Does this event can be related only to S2S VPN? Can be related to RA VPN?

I am wondering which type of events can be on checkpoint except Encrypt and Log. I couldn't find a full list of event types in any documentation.

In most cases I see type: Log

CEF:0|Check Point|VPN-1 & FireWall-1|Check Point|Log|echo-request...

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Encrypt can apply to S2S and C2S VPN, I believe.
Detect is, in this case, referring to the fact that this particular connection would have violated Anti-Spoofing settings if were not set to detect.

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First log means traffic was encrypted inside the vpn community and 2nd one refers to anti spoofing itself, or specifically address spoofing, which is really well explained in below link.



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