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CPM fails to start continously

Hey Guys,


I'm looking for a bit of insight as I continue to troubleshoot this issue. This morning, I noticed I was not seeing any logs on my mgmt server appliance. I rebooted it as a troubleshooting step and now I'm not able to login to smart console. The API and CPM processes weren't running after the reboot. I was able to get the API process started but the CPM process refuses to start properly.  I'm still fairly new to checkpoint so any insight that could be provided would be great.


I've already

run cpstart - CPM will start to initialize but then fails

same behavior after installing latest hotfix

cpm.elg log doesn't really indicate an issue

kill the process and restart it

run "/opt/CPsuite-R80.40/fw1/scripts/" either tries to start the process or says the process is already running


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I recommend engaging with the TAC to assist. 

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