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migrate configuration from secureXL configuration to mho cluster configuration

dear all

i need to replace clusterXL firewall with maestro solution
but i dont understand how to duplicate secureXL configuration on mho

Exemple :

each of my firewall are connected to the network with real IP and virtual IP for the lan

So i have a MHO in cluster but assignated port on my security group are seen independatly on the maestro gateway assigned to the security group where eth1-05 represent the mho port lan on mho1 and eth2-05 represent the mho port lan on mho2


when i push the configuration on the firewall there are seen as 2 distinct port but i need to see these ports as a unique port like in secureXL configuration :



So how i have to configure the mhos in oder to have the same configuration
i have to configure lacp with this 2 ports on my maestro firewall ?
It is possible to switch theses two ports on the mho in order to see them as a unique port on my mastro firewall ?

Thanks for reading

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You manage all Maestro setup as SMO - single management object, meaning it is one logical FW. YOu only need to set up it with the same topology and IP addresses from VPI interfaces of your physical cluster. No need to address anything else.

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if you would like interface redundancy between to orchestrators, you need to use bonding of these two interfaces

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