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local site configuration for 1.2 Maestro MHO-140 and 2. 3 6900 SG


We have MHO 140 and version is R80.20SP 2 nos 

We are facing issue like, Interface port not visible, I try configure and connect SG there no port are not showing. only visible Mgmt1,2 and Lo this port are only we can able see, reset of things should be blank. Can you guide me how to resolve the issue and give the solution.

Here attached screen shot image for your reference.




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First R80.20SP is out of support

Check how your SGM are connected to MHO, in R80.20SP the ID of orchestrator is given by SGM ports from SGM ports eth1-01 and eth1-03 should be connected to MHO1, then MHO1 is declared as primary. ports eth1-02 and eth1-04 should be connected to MHO2, then MHO2 is declared as secondary. 


But that is not all. 

you must configured on both MHO the same configuration, amount 2 site 1 etc

on clish

set maestro configuration orchestrator-amount 2

on expert run 

service orchd restart


then should be able to run on clish on each orchestrator

set maestro port (tab to autocomplete) on MHO 1 you should see 1/X/X where 1 is for orchestrator 1 and 2/X/X for orchestrator 2 on MHO2 and see all ports on orchestrator tab WebUI

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