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changing BOND of VLANs of vswitch, how disruptive ?

We are running Maestro with VSX. We have to change the BOND interface for some VLANs. These VLANs are attached some to virtual firewalls and some to virtual switches.

The change is simple, changing the BOND of a VLAN via SmartConsole and push policy. It hink this should no problem for a VLAN attached to  virtual firewall. But how about changing the BOND for a VLAN of a virtual switch with some virtual firewalls attached to this switch ?

Any disruption of traffic if we change it?

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an update after the change…..

We had the requirement to change the underlaying BOND of a vswitch. The vswitch is in use on three virtual system.

We changed the BOND via Smartconsole, saved VSX configuration and did a policy install. 2 pings are lost and some shortly stucked connections but no traffic outage, no loss of connectivity. 


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