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Switching from NTLM v1 to v2 Identity Awareness blade

Hey ALL,

Does anybody has the experience configuring/switching from version  NTLMv1 to v2 for the Scalable Platform OS GAIA R80SP20 orchestrators and R80.SP30 SGs for Identity Awareness Blade? I can find the configuration guide for the regulars versions of GAIA  R80.40 not SP one.
My guess it would be more or less the same steps and since some configurations needs to be done ( based on R80.40 identity awareness guide ) in the 'expert' mode ( not gclish ) to activate NTLM v2 version by command 'adlogconfig a' - I am wandering if I would need to go to each and every Gateway (SGM) in the Security Group to do it, or it would be the different procedure?

To precise, since currently all the SG gateways are configured to share the Identities with each other gateways in the same and other SGs, it seems the configure should be done also in the Security Gateways itself apart to the Mgmt server configuration described in R80.40 guide hence this question.

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