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Security group not showing after install GAIA R80.20SP

Hi All -


After installing all hardware in 44000 chasis . run setup wizard and create Security Group.

and add my 3 SGMs and 2 SSM in the group.

asg policy verify staus was ok, then i install GAIA R80.20 in all SGM, then run first wizard through connect MGMT-4 interface whic i configure during the setup.

but now when i running the asg command i getting below error and Security Group in broken.

[Expert@gw-38c12c:0]# asg policy verify
gexec: Unable to open '/dev/fw0': Unknown error 4294967295
Resolver Error 0 (no error)
Error: Failed to retrieve cluster state.
Failed to verify policy on all blades
[Expert@gw-38c12c:0]# asg monitor



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Open a support call, please

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