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SNMP Monitoring of Maestro SMO & MHO

2xMHO-140 running on single site. Created a Security Group/SMO Chassis running as VSX Gateway built  with 3 x 6200-Plus Hardware.

1. SMO & MHO are running with R81.10 Jumbo HF#87

2. Configured SNMP V2 on both SMO & MHO


Wanted to Set traps/pool ( see below table) in our 3rd Party Monitoring tools via SNMP V2 but it is not working. Even 3rd Party Monitoring tool is unable to pool the interface/Mgmt. Interface correctly for SMO & all three physical gateway. 


Do we need to move to SNMP V3 as per sk168878 ? Any advise will be really helpful.


Physical Firewalls(under SMO) up/down

Physical Firewalls(under SMO) cpu utilisation

Physical Firewalls(under SMO) memory utilisation

Physical Firewalls (under SMO) disk space utilisation

Physical FW (under SMO) concurrent connection status

Virtual Firewall up/down

Virtual Firewall connection up/down

Virtual Firewall policy tagged

Physical interface up/down

Physical interface error

Physical interface throughput

Physical firewall model, Serial no. inside SMO

OS version for MHO & SMO

Hotfix version for MHO & SMO

SMO policy tagged

Logical FW concurrent connection status



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The SK provides the current best practice configuration, this may change with R82.x per:

Depending on requirements another option to explore is Skyline (sk178566) which is based on OpenTelemetry 

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Hi guys,
I will use the thread to ask more or less the same. May anybody share a working SNMP configuration of a Maestro SG and MHO?

According to
How to configure an IP address with "asg alert"? 
Configure the IP address of your SNMP trap collector:
asg alert

I do not see such an option. I configured snmp on clish with a trap reciever.
I enabled with asg alert all events, but than I miss an option like SNMP (SMS, EMAIL, LOG are the options)

Anyway If I am using LOG with Log Mode "Monitor" I do not see any SNMP traps with the "run test" option or by triggering a trap event.

Furthermore following system event types are in the "asg alert table":

System Event Types

System event types are:
1       | SGM State
2       | Chassis State
3       | Port State
4       | Diagnostics
5       | Memory Leak Detection
6       | LSP Monitor Port State Change
7       | VS Monitor State Change
Hardware Monitor events:
8       | Fans
9       | SSM
10      | CMM
11      | Power Supplies
12      | CPU Temperature
Performance events:
13      | Concurrent Connections
14      | Connection Rate
15      | Packet Rate
16      | Throughput
17      | CPU Load
18      | Hard Drive Utilization
19      | Memory Utilization
Please choose event types for which to send alerts: [all]
(format: all or 1,4 or 1,3-7,10)


How to find the appropriate OID within a MIB file?

Kind regards

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