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R80.20SP Documentation

Hello Experts - 

I was going through the R80.20SP documentation in order of Getting Started Guide-->Install & Upgrade Guide --> Admin Guide.

However - still there are many places I can't make out the proper order of installation on a new 44K system.

The Install & Upgrade guide talks about Gaia First time Configuration wizard and then again it asks to run Setup command. is running both necessary or the Setup command is only applicable when we are upgrading firmware for SSM160 as it is listed under the same section. 

How do I define the initial Security Group with required SSM & SGMS like it was possible only with Setup command in R76.50SP or earlier.

There is not workflow order mentioned in the documentation. 

Can't we have the similar document as for R76.50sp. The earlier documentation was pretty much straight forward with no confusion. 

request you to please clarify my queries and if possible update the documentation for R80.20sp to be similar to R76.50sp or earlier versions with proper summary of workflows in different scenarios. 


Thanks in advance!!!

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