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R76SP50 Take 205 install issues

just wondering if anyone else has seen any issues with Take 205 installation. We are upgrading from Take 62 which had hotfixes on top of it but those were removed successfully prior upgrade

very bizarre behavior:

trying to install Take to whole standby chassis, SGM-1 goes into continuous reboot cycle.

Restore snapshot to all blades on standby chassis and try to install it blade by blade instad. All succeeds.

Failover chassis

Attempt to update whole chassis at once - fails again on SGM-1 going into continuous reboot cycle.

Restore snapshot to all blades on standby chassis. Install succeeds on SGM-1,3 and 4. SGM-2 fails with the same continuous reboot symptom. 

Now in the process of reverting snapshot on SGM-2 and will try again

But really weird.

Anyone else out there with similar issues on SP take installs?

Up until now it's always been OK I have to admit.

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Yes! Almost always something goes wrong!

I had a similar issue with take 180. In that case also SGM-2 of standby chassis!!  got into a reboot loop. 4 Months later we still have issues! 

Very flakey software. I hate it. 





On hand I would say it's solid as we haven't touched it for over a year but we have had some weird drops due to correction layer therefore went for the upgrade. And this is the first time it went so wrong for us
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I agree, usually if you don't touch them they mostly work. However, installing HF etc is always fraught. In 4 years I only had one that worked flawlessly. ( 2 Customers 41k and 61k systems ). That's just my experience, I suppose YMMV.