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Guide for Maestro Refreshment

Hi Checkmates,

We are planning to replace existing Maestro with brand a new box with total 4 SGM. I have experience before how to replace clusterxl and vsx, but this is my first experience to replace meastro with a new maestro.


  • Does the process actually same with standard clusterxl or vsx?
  • Are there any steps or parts that I need to pay attention to?
  • Is it possible to replacing the SG/Maestro with zero downtime?

If there is an admin guide or steps that help with this process, I would be very grateful, because I tried checking on the partner portal but there is no guide that tells me how to replace Maestro to Maestro.


Thank you very much!

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up.. up..

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Are you replacing the MHO's also or just the SGM's?
What appliances are the old and new SGM's? Can you mix them in the same Security Group?
If so, you can add the new appliances to the Security Group and remove the old ones.

Check sk162373 for supported combinations.


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Employee Employee

First of all, Maestro and regular Gateway are not the same. and it depends of each deployment. Maestro use VMAC on same site. Also you have the possibility to have dual site, where each site have their own MAC. 

Also is single object on management and not Cluster. You need to check as well fwkern file in case you already have on old device and make sure if applies on maestro. 

At other hand we have the connectivity through uplinks.

If you are not familiar I encourage recommend to reach your local SE to engage Professional Services.  

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