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static NAT vs hide behind an IP

Can someone explain?

I understand when a host "hide behind the GWY and hide behind the IP", but not the difference between the following config. Are they not the same? 

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Hide is used to "overload" single IP for outbound traffic.

Static is used for inbound connections to the servers you are hosting.

If you have a number of public IPs and you are hosting a server behind the gateway that the external clients must connect to, you use Static NAT.

I.e.: You have public range, your gateway is, your internal network is and your DMZ is

You configure Web server in DMZ with IP of and Statically NAT it to

Your internal network is Hiding behind gateway's IP of

Inbound traffic to your web server will be translated to its private IP address


ah, I got it. The first line in your response reminds me everything I've learned. Thank you!

Hide is used to "overload" a single external IP.

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