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sk174045:Wrong rule match on the first access to a URL or website

Hello Team,


I have an application/site Group object: Example: blacklist-deny

Where i have predefined objects like category

and I have one custom group example : 


which have multiple URL inside it ...

and this custom  group is part of blacklist-deny.


according to checkpoint this is not a right way to configure it and it can cause mismatch of a URL to some other rules ...

and they refer sk : sk174045


but If I can understand this sk well this sk is more about a application signature and category inside same url/app group.


Please advise ..





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It's more about mixing application signatures and URL Filtering categories in the same group.
You may have a similar issue mixing App Control and Custom Application/Site objects in the same group.

The logic here is pretty simple: matching based on an App Control signature usually takes more packets to accurately match than a simple URL match.

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