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enable and disable CoreXL instances on the fly

At R80.20 there's a new hack to turn the CoreXL instances on the fly on and off. Here is an example with 3 CoreXL instances!

Now start the command:

# fw ctl multik stop     -> stop CoreXL instance 1

# fw ctl multik stop    -> stop CoreXL instance 2

# fw ctl multik stop   -> The last instance cannot be disabled:-)


You can activate it again per:

# fw ctl multik start


CoreXL 0 cannot really be deactivated under R80.10+:-)


More see here:


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To be honest I’m not sure what benefit this has.

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There is nothing in the documentation about the cli command.

In the maintenance window I tested it on a bigger firewall. I could not see any negative impact.

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That I only wonder, that the session counter will not be lower.

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I just looked it over at the lab. The existing sessions are not affected.

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Maybe someone from R&D can tell whether this has a negative impact or not.

I see here only the performance decrease if I disable CoreXL instances.

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