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cphaprob command parameters

Hi all, I am looking for some info concerning cphaprob command output.

cphaprob –i list - what does the -i indicate?

cphaprob -a if - what does the -a indicate?

Or like this:

cphaprob [-i [a]] [-e] list - what's the difference if I use -i, -a or -e?

Thanks a lot for your assistance

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Hi Valeri,

There is additional information in the ATRG for ClusterXL.

ATRG: ClusterXL R6x and R7x


cphaprob [-a] if Description: Prints the summary of cluster interfaces with the following information:

o Number of required cluster interfaces - including the Sync interfaces (the maximal number of good cluster interfaces seen since the last reboot)

o Number of required secured (trusted) interfaces (the maximal number of good sync interfaces seen since the last reboot)

o Names of monitored cluster interfaces (refer to CCP and VLAN interfaces)

o State of cluster interfaces (based on arrival/transmission of CCP packets)

o CCP mode on cluster interfaces

o Number of cluster Virtual IP addresses

o Virtual IP addresses

o Virtual MAC addresses (if VMAC mode is enabled per sk50840)

Syntax: [Expert@Member]# cphaprob [-a] if Flag Description -a

Prints Virtual IP addresses and their corresponding interfaces.

Example: [Expert@FW2-Member:0]# cphaprob -a if


Thanks Peter, I have found all my answers in the document. Very helpful.


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