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add interface on VSX in MDM/CMA environment

Hello All, 

How to add interface/VLAN[Bond interface] in Checkpoint VSX cluster. I am working in a environment where we keep separate domain for VSX-Management and we are running VSX cluster in different domain; 

In the Checkpoint CLI reference guide  80.40 [page no 1545] saying 

Important - On a Multi-Domain Security Management Server, you must switch to the context of the MainDomain Management Server that manages the VSX Gateway / VSX Cluster object. Use the command "mdsenv " 

Since we are using two different domain for VSX management separately and VS gateway cluster separately

So where we want to create under VSX-Management domain server or VSX Cluster domain server or directly on gateway..?

vsx_provisioning_tool-s localhost -u admin -p mypassword -o add interface vd nprd-vsx name bond1.6 ip

I can create interfaces directly from smartconsole on VSX gateway object under topology , as we want to create 64 interfaces its really time consuming. Kindly help me. 

If we have I login to MDS and select VSX-Management CMA, how this command will let CMA know which cluster should create interface? Also what does it meant localhost?

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mdsenv VSX-Management

vsx_provisioning_tool -s localhost -u admin -p mypassword -o add vd name VS1 vsx VSXCluster1, add interface name eth4.100 ip

So need to set mdsenv to VSX-Management in the call out the cluster name npd-vsx name bond1.6

Is that right way to do it...?

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It depends. If you need to introduce a new cluster physical interface or a bond, you first do it on your Main Domain, one managing physical VSX cluster object.

If you want to configure a VLAN or add a physical interface already configured on VSX level, to one of the VSs, go to a Target Domain (one managing this VS).

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Physical interfaces created already and bond also created. I'd like to add VLAN interfaces. 

But when I run target CMA [Actual VS sitting] run the vsx_util show_interfaces command throwing error 

So this can be understand that command only to show VSX interfaces. And now I can directly run vsx_provisioning_tool on target CMA[where actual VSX created] Is that correct?

I have check run this target CMA seeing soem responses, so am i good to execute it?

Note that as said below bond 1 interfaces created already, I am going to add only additional VLANs like 16, 17..18.. etc on same bond1.

vsx_provisioning_tool -s localhost -o show vd name nprd_vsx

[Output is..]

# VS nprd_vsx - interfaces:

add interface vd nprd_vsx_1 name bond1.14 ip


add interface vd nprd_vsx name bond1.15 ip 192.1682.1/29

Also is there any install policy is required? 

No VSX objects/clusters exists in this context.

Please make sure that VSX objects/clusters are installed in this machine and

you entered the Security Management Server/main Domain Management Server IP address.



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