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Two Factor Authentication - LDAP + Check Point Certificates

Hi, is possible to user Check Point certificates for users authenticated through a LDAP Account Unit? As far I know, Check Point certificates are only an option for users authenticated with Check Point Username & Password, but not sure if there is a way to do it for AD authenticated users, without having to manage the certificates with a Third Party solution. Thank you.

EDIT1: Ok, after a deeper research, I think I can achieve this if using the ICA Management Tool. 

As second question: Is there a way to test the 2FA without applying it to all users? I think that if I enable the Multifactor Authentication in the Gateway object, it will be applied to everyone, right?

EDIT2: I have just found this which answer my second question:

"Use Case: Users Selecting a Login Option on R80.x Gateways
When more than one Login Option is configured, and users connect with clients that support Multiple Login Options, users select a Login Option to use when they log in.
In the Mobile Access portal, in the login page, users see a drop-down list with all available login options, shown by their Display Name.
In the Capsule Workspace mobile application, users select the Login Option on the first connection to the gateway. On subsequent connections, the same login option is shown automatically."

Thanks anyway!


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While we appreciate you updating us, you also could have just replied to it with your findings.
That has the benefit of bumping the thread so others can see it. 🙂

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