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Traceroute shows Checkpoint VS Gateway as multiple hops


Good Day Everyone

I am experiencing a rather strange issue as of late.  There are currently no connection issues with my Checkpoint gateways but I have noticed that when a traceroute is run from any endpoint the Checkpoint gateway ( is shown as multiple hops before it eventually reaches the next hop.  The amount of times the gateway hop is repeated is different every time, but always more than once.  This persists when doing a trace from both linux and windows and happens when tracing inbound and outbound through the gateway.  I am currently running a VSX setup with multiple gateways but this repeated hop only ever occurs on the same internal gateway.

I have been running the same toplogy/routes for many months before this started to occur.  I am wondering wether I should be looking at increasing the TTL or maybe even an over-utilization of a Hide NAT on the .131 gateway is causing this?

In the example image I uploaded the topology route is Endpoint - Gateway - External VS Gateway (Only shows 1 hop always)- Then breakout to the internet.

I am currently running R81.10 Jumbo Hotfix Take 139.

Many Thanks in advance.


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Seems like the gateway is performing an inbound NAT from public IP addresses. Anything in your NAT policy that would do this?

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