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Remote VPN Clients Limit


I have R77.30 and we have configured Remote VPN for some of the users. Now they are complaining that frequently they are getting disconnected. There are not any error logs in firewall or client.

Finally I came to know that we have default license for SSL VPN CPSB-SSLVPN-5. So Only 5 users can connect remotely at a time.

Is there any way that I can check number of users connected with Remote VPN and disconnect unnecessary users?

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If you have the Monitoring Blade license for your SMS, SmartView Monitor GUI->Users...All Users.

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Hi All,

I came to know one command through which we can check the number of users connected through SSL/Remote VPN.

fw tab -t userc_users -s

where #VALS value shows the number of users connected

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Hello probably you can check the SSL Time-out , also monitor the  log to check if the users are been disconnected because of the license. 

Troubleshooting Mobile Access 

Also you can check the Concurrent Connections to the Gateway

Mobile Access Blade Configuration and Settings 

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