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Champion Champion

R80.20 SecureXL - new names in "/proc/ppk/statistics"?

Hi Check Point guys,


I have a question about new R80.20 SecureXL names in "/proc/ppk/statistics"?


I think the following points are asynchronous SecureXL (AXL). I guess this is about the queues (Deq/Enq) between acceleration cards and SecureXL in software.
Am I guessing right here?


Enq-OUT FW pkts        Deq-IN FW pkts                      
Deq-OUT FW pkts        Enq-IN FW bytes                     
Enq-OUT FW bytes       Deq-IN FW bytes                     
Deq-OUT FW bytes       Enq-IN AXL pkts                     
Enq-OUT AXL pkts       Deq-IN AXL pkts                     
Deq-OUT AXL pkts       Enq-IN AXL bytes                    
Enq-OUT AXL bytes      Deq-IN AXL bytes     


Do you have a description here or a SK?              

I've really reverse-engineered:
CPASXL =  Active Streaming over medium path
PSLXL  =  Passive Streaming Library over medium path


What do the red marked values mean?

# more /proc/ppk/statistics
Name                  Value             Name                  Value
--------------------  ---------------   --------------------  ---------------
accel packets                     248   accel bytes                     28363
outbound packets                  235   outbound bytes                  31029
conns created                     242   conns deleted                     242
current total conns                 0   TCP conns                           0
non TCP conns                       0   nat conns                         242
dropped packets                919678   dropped bytes               148145848
fragments received                  0   fragments transmit                  0
fragments dropped                   0   fragments expired                   0
IP options stripped                 0   IP options restored                 0
IP options dropped                  0   corrs created                       0
corrs deleted                       0   C corrections                       0
corrected packets                   0   corrected bytes                     0
crypt conns                         0   enc bytes                           0
dec bytes                           0   ESP enc pkts                        0
ESP enc err                         0   ESP dec pkts                        0
ESP dec err                         0   ESP other err                       2
espudp enc pkts                     0   espudp enc err                      0
espudp dec pkts                     0   espudp dec err                      0
espudp other err                    0   acct update interval             3600
CPASXL packets                      0   PSLXL packets                       0
CPASXL async packets                0   PSLXL async packets                 0
CPASXL bytes                        0   PSLXL bytes                         0
CPASXL conns                        0   PSLXL conns                         0
CPASXL conns created                0   PSLXL conns created                 0
PXL FF conns                        0   PXL FF packets                      0
PXL FF bytes                        0   PXL FF acks                         0
PXL no conn drops                   0   PSL Inline packets                  0
PSL Inline bytes                    0   CPAS Inline packets                 0
CPAS Inline bytes                   0   Total QoS conns                     0
CLASSIFY                            0   CLASSIFY_FLOW                       0
RECLASSIFY_POLICY                   0   Enq-IN FW pkts                      0
Enq-OUT FW pkts                     0   Deq-IN FW pkts                      0
Deq-OUT FW pkts                     0   Enq-IN FW bytes                     0
Enq-OUT FW bytes                    0   Deq-IN FW bytes                     0
Deq-OUT FW bytes                    0   Enq-IN AXL pkts                     0
Enq-OUT AXL pkts                    0   Deq-IN AXL pkts                     0
Deq-OUT AXL pkts                    0   Enq-IN AXL bytes                    0
Enq-OUT AXL bytes                   0   Deq-IN AXL bytes                    0
Deq-OUT AXL bytes                   0   F2F packets                         0
F2F bytes                           0   TCP violations                    632
F2V conn match pkts                 0   F2V packets                         0
F2V bytes                           0   gtp tunnels created                 0
gtp tunnels                         0   gtp accel pkts                      0
gtp f2f pkts                        0   gtp spoofed pkts                    0
gtp in gtp pkts                     0   gtp signaling pkts                  0
gtp tcpopt pkts                     0   gtp apn err pkts                    0
memory used                      1848   C tcp handshake conn                0
C tcp estab. conns                  0   C tcp closed conns                  0
C tcp pxl hnshk conn                0   C tcp pxl est. conn                 0
C tcp pxl closed                    0   ob cpasxl packets                   0
ob pslxl packets                    0   ob cpasxl bytes                     0
ob pslxl bytes                      0   DNS DoR stats                       0
trimmed pkts                        0




2 Replies
Champion Champion

Hi Dameon,

can you help me here?




Enqueue (inbound) and Dequeue (outbound) seem to be related to QoS.

I assume "Classify" relates to traffic that has to go to Medium Path for a policy decision to be made.

In general, all of this should show up in fwaccel stats, which shows these counters in a more pretty way.

See: Performance Tuning R80.20 Administration Guide 


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