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R80.10: New Jumbo Hotfix GA-Release (Take 91)

A new General Availability Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take for R80.10 (Take 91) is available.

Also download and install the updated R80.10 SmartConsole.


Take_91 is the latest General Availability release that can be directly downloaded from Check Point Cloud using CPUSE and from sk116380.




CPUSE Identifier

CPUSE offline package


1 Apr 2018





  • Effective Apr 1st 2018, the General Availability Take_91 is available for CPUSE online installation (it replaces Take_85).

  • Smart-1 525 / 5050 / 5150 R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator bundle is suitable for Smart-1 525 / 5050 / 5150 appliances only and cannot be installed on other Check Point appliances.

  • Effective Feb 15th 2018, SmartConsole package has been updated (Build 029).


It includes important stability and security software updates:


Take 91 (1st April 2018) - General Availability Take

Security Management Cannot delete OPSEC application with AMON entity.
Refer to sk121377.
PMTR-507Security Management FWM process stops working in case a malformed license file is reported from the Security gateway. 
PMTR-3190Security ManagementWhen installing policy following Global Domain Assignment a false message of “policy installation is currently in progress" appears, while there isn’t any. 
Refer to sk122253.
PMTR-3847Multi-Domain Security Management"Get License" operation in SmartUpdate of Multi-Domain Security Management hangs on "Operation started" stage.
Multi-Domain Security ManagementCannot change the IP address of Domain Server when using R80.10 GA Take 462 or Takes 70, 79 and 85 of the R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.
PMTR-3718Multi-Domain Security ManagementSynchronization failure after purge operation in MDS level.
PMTR-6095Multi-Domain Security ManagementOnly a single report is generated in SmartView MDS level when selecting multiple Domain Management Servers.
SmartEvent"SmartView server certificate is invalid" error when connecting to Domain (via SmartConsole) from MDS level and navigating to 'Logs and Monitor' tab.
Refer to sk121443.
PMTR-3271Security GatewayWhen installing policy on gateways with different profiles (where netquota or malicious IPs protection is enabled on one of the profiles), traffic is dropped with "dropped by fw_runfilter_ex Reason: function does not exist" error.
Refer to sk123040.
PMTR-3544Gaia OSRandom routes are sometimes missing after rebooting the system.
PMTR-3783Gaia OSrouted process stucks at slave/slave state in ClusterXL setup. 
PMTR-1602Gaia OSrouted process restarts infrequently when Bootp/DHCP Relay is enabled. 
PMTR-3546Gaia OSrouted process repeatedly exits on standby cluster member when VPN is configured on a cluster. 
GAIA-1619Gaia OSSecurity hardening for Gaia Clish. 
Gaia OSSecurity gateway may crash during unmount operation on a remote network filesystem (samba).
ClusterXLActive member in ClusterXL HA sends an ARP request for cluster VIP causing a temporary outage. This can happen in a rare scenario as described in sk121846
DLPDLP Exchange Server Agent load when Security gateway is configured as MTA was optimized to enable a better stability of MTA functionality.

Threat Prevention blade failure can occure in the following scenarios:

  1. No Threat Prevention blade is active on VS0 and a Threat Prevention blade is active on a different VS
  2. That VS has no connectivity to the Internet
  3. VS0 has connectivity to the Internet but through a proxy
PMTR-4457VPNBGP traffic initiated by the gateway is not matched by the VPN directional rule.
PMTR-2372VPNIPsec renegotiation fails with peer DAIP gateways. 
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