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Question on how URL work and how to work with URL on NAT.

I'm a newbie in terms of networking but I understand the basic stuffs like NAT, Subnetting, IPSec VPN, Firewall Policies, those sort of stuffs. But I have little to no knowledge on dealing with Domains and URLs. I have been given a task to handle the communication between two API servers (sender and receiver) across an IPSec VPN, passing multiple firewalls and implementing NAT on our checkpoint device. One of the requirements is to assign a URL for the sender API server. I am currently looking at the IIS feature on the API server for the URL. Am I looking at the wrong place?

Any help or thoughts are appreciated. 

PS: I was given an old checkpoint 2200 with R77.20. First time using a checkpoint device. Does the r77.20 represent the firmware version?

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First of all, you don’t NAT a URL, you NAT an IP address.
Whatever FQDN you assign to the remote server endpoint will resolve to an IP that will be NATted to the correct IP on the other end if you’ve configured everything correctly.

R77.20 is the software version, but it is very much End of Support on a 2200.
The 2200 itself is also nearly End of Support.
However, it should be possible to configure this.

If you’re mew with Check Point, it might be worth going through our Check Point for Beginners series on Network Security.
Even though it is on more current releases, the NAT configuration is more or less the same.

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