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No SFTP any longer only Aspera in Service Requests


as CP Partner we have to handle cases for many customers. Now I got the information in an Service Request that SFTP Accounts for uploading should be no longer used: "Unfortunately, SFTP account can only be provided if an issue occurs while uploading the files through the browser."

This means we have to transfer all requested files to us as first step and upload them afterwards to you via browser (altough it is faster via Aspera Plugin if you can use it but I don't like uploading gb via browser).

This is very impractical in particular at big files e.g. Crash Dumps and also at many files in folders. When using an account with limiting rights for scp transfer you will also have to copy it to another folder and change file rights or change a oot user to bash to have access to all folders each time.

Before we were able to use sftp command (if SFTP Acc was created), cpinfo -s (should also not used) or earlier cp_uploader directly on the gateway or at least at a customer system with internet access but so we always need additional a browser cause this is no longer possible from a check point system itself.

This is complex, bandwith intensive and needs more time for us.

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