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New challenge for the one-liner guys - improved cphaprob state for VSX

Hello one-liner guys 😁,

I have a job for you!

Everytime I am connecting to a VSX I have the same problem.
I know the name of the relevant virtual system, but what is the relevant VSID of the virtual system I am looking for and am I on the correct physical hardware where the VS is in active state.

So what I do is:

vsx stat -v

followed by

cphaprob state


Is it possible to build a one-liner that is showing cphaprob state in the context of vs0 where you add a new column after the column ID. The new column should show "Type and Name" column of vsx stat -v?

For example:


How do you think about it?
Possibly it is a RFE for R&D?

Thanks for your efforts & enjoy the upcoming weekend.




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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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