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Need help with copying over bluecoat configuration to checkpoint

So I'm copying over the configuration from the bluecoat (we are decommissioning our bluecoats), I've copied over the web access layer policies, my question is there are also a bunch of static bypass rules configured on the bluecoat , now do I have to copy over those rules as well? Also my doubt is after copying over the configs I believe I still might see traffic bring blocked over to legitimate websites, how do I percent that from happening? Will the bypass rules from the bluecoat help? Or do I have to do anything more apart from that?


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It depends on why those bypass rules were created to begin with as to whether you need to copy them over.

There isn't a 1-1 mapping of Bluecoat and Check Point categories, and even so, things might be categorized differently.
It may be worth manually checking the top X URLs accessed on your Bluecoat and see if it matches the relevant rule in Check Point.
You may need to make some adjustments based on those tests.
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