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Need help Bypassing Mimecast CDN Traffic without bypassing cloudfront

We are running R81.10 and we do SSL Inspection Outbound on traffic which has been a challenge but can usually find a creative solution.  However, running into an issue where we need to bypass Mimecast CDN traffic to effectively utilize their Cybergraph product, but the domains they provide are all Amazon Cloudfront and we are trying to avoid using the dynamic object for Cloudfront as a bypass company wide.  Has anyone else dealt with this? 


CyberGraph: Trusted Sites (

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Thats a bit tricky, but you sort of have to use same approach as you would with geo block. So say, if you wanted to block whole continent of South America (but only allow Argentina, just as an example), you would have to put rule to allow Argentina above the rule that would block whole South American continent.

Now, for what you are asking, use similar approach. For example, you put sites you need to allow in url+app layer (if its ordered layer, I assume) and then in https inspection policy, you bypass same sites as well.

Message me privately if you need help with this, Im confident I can help you out, as I did similar things few times before.

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