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Monitoring internet throughput from some networks using Checkpoint

Hello there guys.

I've been asked to discover the consumed throuthput from some internal networks that pass through the checkpoint.

Is there some way to do there using SmartConsole or Smart Monitor?

Yes I did get some informations filtering those networks using traffic graphics on Smart Monitor, but I need to register those informations for sometime. 

Yes I saw that is possible to "record" those informations showed in real time,but is not a nice way to do the subject.

Can anybody help? Is there any other way to do that?

Thanks in advance.


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Another approach here would be to enable accounting logs for traffic from the relevant networks and run reports in SmartEvent.
In fact, you could do it in an ordered layer after your existing layer(s) as it wouldn't require restructuring your existing rulebase.
Something like:



Note that traffic would only enter this layer if it passes through the Network layer (in this example).
This layer should pass through all traffic except that it should log specific subnets with accounting (i.e. number of bytes).
You should be able to run reports on that over whatever period you'd like.

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