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Issue connecting to Internet from VS

I am using an R80.40 VSX Cluster with 2 VS (VS2 & VS3) ..there is an internal Proxy and DNS Server to obtain Antibot /IPS Updates..this is working fine.

As per a new requirement i need to use Updatable Objects in VS2 Policy but i ran into an issue with a log message "Package not available on Gateway".. i think this is because VS2 is not able to reach Checkpoint i created NAT rule which translated the funny IP of VS to a WAN IP for "Any" destination.. still when i am checking this location in VS2 : #CPDIR/database/downloads/ONLINE_SERVICES/1.0/

i cannot see any last_revision.xml file here as described in sk121877. ..this file is available at the same location in VS0

Is this because VS2 is still trying to reach internet via Proxy defined in VS0 ? .. there is a limitation here in my architecture where VS2 cannot reach to the proxy defined in VS0..  how can i make VS2 directly reach checkpoint for updates ? .. moreover.. if i remove Proxy and DNS from VS0 ..can contract , ips , antibot ,antivi updates be obtained via direct internet connectivity from VS2 ? 

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Each VS needs access (either via proxy or directly) to get the updates for the various blades.
I don't think VS2 uses the VS0 proxy configuration, but could be wrong.
Would be worth a TAC case.

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