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How to list arp table and identify network devices with mac under Check Point FWs

Hello Check Point community,

I am faced with a specific issue.
Few networks and subnets are directly migrated to Check Point FWs.
The layer 3 interfaces are directly defined on the Check Point FWs.
And now for all hosts under these networks under CP, I can't see arp table and mac table, and I am not able to identify the devices under these networks.

In a scenario where the Layer 3 IP of the networks are defined under core switch, everything is clear and I can identify everything.

I think about NeDi – Find IT.
Do you have experience with NeDi – Find IT and Check Point FWs?
If we connect Nedi to Checkpoint with SNMP can Nedi find information about hosts and machines under subnets with L3 Gw defined under CP?

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards.

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