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Horizon Overview TechTalk: Video, Q&A, and Slides

Slides are attached.
Q&A below the video.

What are the timelines here, for additional CP integrations and 3rd party integrations? Also do we have any potential 3rd party integrations which you can share with us?

MDR/MPR offers the service for both Check Point’s and 3rd party data sources.

XDR/XPR first will enable the connection of all Check Point products, and after its GA will add to its roadmap the 3rd party data sources following customers’ feedback.

Events is currently focused on ingestion of logs from all Check Point products. Adding logs from external sources is on our roadmap, but not in the near term.

How do you configure an on-premise cluster to send events to Horizon Events in SmartConsole?

Sharing logs from on-prem gateways requires R81.20 or R81.10 with a future JHF. You'll pair your on-prem log server in a few clicks in SmartConsole. Logs and Events will be shared directly to Check Point's datalake and will be available in Horizon Events and Horizon XDR/XPR.

How do we bring logs and events from other firewalls and switches or EDRs into Horizon?

Depends on the specific product(s) being integrated, but we provide

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